WW Tinks Taco Bell



WW Tinks Taco Bell (Taco)

July 19, 2000 - December 1, 2008


You will be missed sweet boy!


You were so young, but old you seemed.
Still so many dreams to dream.
It was too soon to say goodbye.
Now when I think of you, all I do is cry.

You walked with a limp
and you had no teeth.
Whenever we saw a blanket move,
You were snuggled up underneath.

With the heart of a pup,
always wagging your tail.
You greeted everyone you met
with a love that never failed.

All the little things
we will always remember,
when we think of losing you
on this first day of December.



Without You
Here I sit in my chair
with tears in my eyes
Thinking of your sweet face
and not ready to say my goodbyes.

As the tears keep rolling
down my face of despair
My heart is breaking in pieces
because you are not there.

I look down in my lap
and I dont see your face.
You are not there to pet
now, its just a cold, empty space.

I want to hold you close
and keep you safe from harm.
I will have to keep you in my heart now
instead of in my arms.












Blackreaf Kennelsİ2006