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Blackreaf's Taco Bravo (Bravo)
AKC Registered
Color: Black/Tan/White
Weight: 4  lbs.
Birthdate: August 17, 2005
Sire: Rip Le Water
Dam: Mama's Rock N' Roll Roz

Proven breeder

TNT Costa Para Mucho Of Blackreaf (Mucho)
AKC Registered

Color: Chocolate/Tan Spotted on White
Weight: 5 lbs
Birthdate: February 3, 2009
Sire: Sandman's Johnny On The Spot of TNT
Dam: TNT Smidgen Of Fancy

Proven breeder

Blackreaf's Ringo
AKC Registered
Color: Brindle/White
Weight: 2 lbs.
Birthdate: October 1, 2013
Sire: Blackreaf's Taco Bravo
Dam: Blackreafs Fiona Ever After

Proven breeder




Blackreaf Stud Agreement

Click Here For Printable Stud Agreement

All females (bitches) must be approved by the stud dog’s owner before being accepted for breeding. Bitch owners must be willing and able to provide care for the litter. Bitches must be in good health and condition at the time of breeding and must be free of hereditary defects, parasites, diseases, or infections.  They must be of good temperament, and must be physically suitable for breeding to the selected male stud. A stud dog provides a valuable service and the bitch owner shall be liable for any loss of future service due to the bitch owner’s concealment of health problems.

Please note:  We encourage owners to witness the breedings if at all possible. The bitch will be given proper care and handling, but the stud owner cannot accept responsibility for losses due to causes other than the negligence of the stud owner.  Stud dogs are guaranteed to be in the same good health as required for the bitch. 

The stud fee is $--.00 cash to be paid in full at the time of service (unless otherwise stated) OR the pick of one puppy from the litter at the age of three weeks any litter over 1 pup. Fee or pick of litter is the stud owners choice. BOTH PARTIES ARE IN AGREEMENT THAT THIS STUD SERVICE FEE WILL BE PAID AS FOLLOWS:                                                                

If the cash fee is paid at the time of service and no puppies result from this mating, the stud dog owner will provide a refund of the cash fee or will provide the bitch with a free return service to any male stud of comparable stud fee owned by the same kennel used as first, subject to the availability of the dog requested. In order to receive a cash back refund after witness of mating, bitch must be vet checked and found able and capable of maintaining pregnancy. If puppies are born as a result of this breeding but are lost due to negligence on behalf of the bitch or owner of the bitch, there will be no return of the fee paid and no return stud service.                                  
If the payment for this service is to be a pick of the litter puppy, the owner of the above kennel and stud dog guarantees at least one puppy living to the age of three weeks.  The owner of the stud will have first choice of a puppy if 2 or more pups are born

as pick for service. If only one pup the owner of the bitch may keep the puppy and pay the stud fee amount or forfeit the puppy and take a repeat breeding to the stud of choice providing that stud is available at the time. If one or more puppies are born as a result of this breeding but die due to negligence on behalf of the bitch or owner of the bitch, the stud dog owner will be paid the fair amount of _________ dollars ($___.00) for his rightful puppy and this amount will be paid in full within thirty (30) days of the whelping date. 

Blackreaf Kennels
Rock Springs, WY