We will ask new owners to sign this when picking up their new puppy..

Printable Contract


Blackreaf Sales Contract/Health Guarantee

This puppy is in good health, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of sale. It has been given first set of vaccinations to prevent known canine illnesses. These will be listed in a pet health record which will be provided for you. Worming treatments have been given regularly. Buyer should have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of his or her choice within 5 business days of purchase.
Seller guarantees against life threatening congenital defects (heart, liver or kidney) for first year of puppy's life and will replace the puppy with the next puppy of equal value if there are any congenital defects found. Should your veterinarian find a life threatening defect, he/she MUST provide a detailed statement signed by the vet within 24 hours to Blackreaf Kennels.

Seller "DOES NOT" guarantee against the following:
*Adult size, color, coat, show ability, temperament, disposition, or conformation- we can only try to predict these
*Bites- (can go off at teething but usually corrects)
*Molera- (most Chihuahua puppies have Moleras but there are a few that do not and it should not be considered a flaw)
*Hydrocephalus- after 8 weeks of age (can happen due to a fall or any type of bump on the head)
*Ears up or testicles dropped- (testicles can take 8 months to drop in toy breeds)
*Patella Luxations- knees (this can happen due to a injury, puppy running and jumping alot or jumping off a couch, chair, bed, steps & ect)
*Hernias (of any kind)- Not covered by breeder
*Collapsing trachea - this is a common thing in chihuahuas when excited, and not found to impose a health risk. Using a harness instead of a collar can help prevent damage to the trachea
*Worms or Parasites (internal or external)- of any kind (even though our pups are wormed very well before leaving our home).
*Hypoglycemia- under no condition is the breeder responsible for the loss or death due to hypoglycemia (when blood sugar drops low)
*Calcium Drops- Breeder not responsible for drops in calcium.
*Seizures/Epilepsy- seizures/epilepsy are not life threatening if treated. Can be caused from many things such as hypoglycemia, low calcium, trauma, toxin such as eating chocolate, and so on...
*Coccidia/Giardia- Many puppies are prone to outbreak of either coccidia and/or giardia under stressful circumstances. The symptoms can arise in a 12 hour period, and can not always be prevented by the seller, because there are no signs until the puppy is stressed. Buyer should take the puppy to the vet immediately if puppy develops runny blood in the stool, vomiting or has loss of appetite.
*Whether or not this puppy has the ability to breed or free whelp.


Buyer agrees to provide proper housing, quality nutrition, regular vaccinations/worming and veterinary care as needed. Any evidence of neglect or abuse will void this contract. Breeder assumes no responsibility for this puppy after leaving the premises regarding medical expenses or otherwise incurred by buyer on behalf of this puppy without written approval from Blackreaf Kennels.

A minimum deposit of $100 is required (unless other arrangements have been made) to hold a puppy for you until it is weaned, at which time the remainder of the cost for the puppy is due. Deposits are non-refundable should you change your mind or if you decide not to pay for and/or pick up your puppy at the agreed upon date. The total purchase price of the puppy is non-refundable and no replacement/exchanges will be made once a puppy has been purchased, except as noted in this document. The buyer has one week to pick the puppy up after we notify them that the pup is ready to go, unless other arrangements have been made. If not picked up within that time, the pup will be put back up for sale and buyer will lose their deposit.